Hello. I’m Aaron Fritz.

Though I had a great foundation of painting and art in my younger years, I set it aside for other interests until picking it up again a few years ago. I still find myself disbelieving my tremendous success and am always surprised by the rush of pure bliss I continue to feel pursuing this passion.

I think every artist sits down with a blank canvas, a few paints, and creates – and in that creation they pour a little of their soul. In my work I try to bring out the emotions that I enjoy in the great outdoors where I spend much of my time.

I love color, design and expression. I also love deep texture. Some of my paintings are full of self-imposed imperfections. “Snap, Crackle and Pop,” I like to say.

I have a unique approach to putting a painting together: I typically start my design process months in advance. Planning the under work allows me to get the mood I’m looking for in the piece. The hints of adjacent tones in the under-painting bring out the strong vibrant colors of my subjects, creating a subtle reminder for the viewer.